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iTunes Store Thank you for that and that is my worry because our backup is gone… We didn’t realize we didn’t renew it but I guess we’ll find out when we pay it.. Still curious, if our cloud will still be there from before, 15000 songs..Backup what, everything? or just the things you lost? and if it is to be everything are you going to pay for the huge amount of space that will require, or will we?

Your data (if it is important to you) should be backed up, hoping that someone will do that for you (especially when ‘they’ have no idea what ‘you’ want backed up) is reckless. Compounding that by letting multiple users edit the same account without backup is beyond foolish, as you are finding out.The computer drive crashed, no back ups available, iTunes Store if I connect the iOS device to the computer with new os installed can I sync the misic back to iTunes on the computer? I’m stuck in the same position with over 7,000 songs stolen by the Cloud. I have figured out how to download one-by-one by clicking on the cloud with the down arrow. I need to do a batch download just like Apple did a batch upload when I was suckered into trying out the Match product Most recent version of iTunes and OS X but album artwork didi not down load to Mac with the exception of tunes purchased directly from iTunes. None of my other albums originally uploaded contain artwork on my MAC but they do on my phone. I have a new 13″ MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1
I subscribe to iTunes Match and store all my music in the cloud.
I have lots of “Matched” songs and lots of “Uploaded” songs.
I update iTunes Match regularly/frequently.
A few years ago, I created a Smart Playlist that shows me when Uploaded 128kbps songs become Matched with 256kbps versions. Then I delete the old 128 kbps version and download the newly matched 256 version by clicking on the cloud icon. iTunes Store This has always worked.

However, now when I do this using my new laptop, the Matched song re-downloads the same 128kbps version I just deleted even though it says that there is a 256kbps version available. As soon as the song finishes downloading, the 256 changes back to 128.

Other than having a new laptop, nothing else has changed as far as I know. I’ve checked all my iTunes Preferences, checked online to find possible solutions and have made several different attempts to get this to work the way it used to for me.

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